This month has been extremely reflective and humbling for me.  Something about the glow of the holidays and the wave of memories of what I was doing last year at this time has me turning inward.

It has been the most insane year of professional growth that I’ve ever experienced in my life–one hell of a roller coaster to be sure.

I’ve done my best to share with you parts of my journey without getting too personal, but I also know that there is something powerful in sharing a behind the scenes look at what is going on for me while you witness what you are in your public view of me.

I believe that transparency can go a long way to inspire others. Transparency can allow you to see how there is no magic wand that I have or that I’m doing some fancy secret stuff over here that you aren’t also capable of.

This year I hit professional goals I would have hoped to hit within a three year time frame–I consistently filled my private practice with clients, sold out a small group program, hosted my first and second live events, put almost 50 people through my signature digital course, spoke from the TEDx stage, received a book deal offer and grew my Facebook tribe to 1000+ members…and that is just the tangible, measurable stuff.

I also touched hundreds of lives with my coaching, finally gave myself permission to unapologetically be myself, made new friends, moved into a gorgeous house, celebrated with clients leaving their 9-5 jobs and building their dreams and more.

There’s also the not-so-glamorous parts where I cried, like, everyday for a few months out of shear terror of myself. Times when I was sure I wasn’t cut out for this and that maybe getting a job would be great so all of the pressure wouldn’t be on me for a change. Times I second guessed everything I was doing and scared ‘everyone’ would see through me.

Let me tell you, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You probably already knew that, but in case I’ve given you the impression that it is, remember it’s my job to put my best foot forward and provide you with inspirational and useful content.

I firmly believe that when they say most businesses don’t make it that it isn’t because of a lack of knowledge or resourcefulness, but the inability to take on the absurd amount of uncertainty and risk that we’re faced with everyday in this line of work.

Here I am, though, to tell you that if you just get through it, and allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of emotions, show up consistently, hustle like you’ve never hustled before, intentionally raise your vibration and BELIEVE in yourself that you can create things greater than your wildest dreams.



There are immeasurable lessons I’ve learned this year, but here is a brief list of my the most important ones:


1. It’s up to me, no one is going to do it for me.

When I was younger my dad always told us “Remember, ‘if it’s going to be, it’s up to me'”. This was the single most important lesson I finally learned this year.

This time last year I was still so scared of myself, scared that I didn’t know enough or that I wasn’t enough.

The second that I decided to own it, to take responsibility for my own destiny and achievement of my professional goals everything changed.

As soon as I issued myself a permission slip to just do it, as soon as I realized that no one can start my business but me, as soon as I went all-in IT HAPPENED.

I could still be sitting here a year later scared about everything and playing small because that is safe, but instead I accepted that if it was going to happen it was up to me to step up, accept that fear is part of this and only I can remove it from the driver seat.

While you sit there waiting to put yourself out there, to raise your prices, to apply for that speaking gig your business is still not growing. If you want something you are the only person who can make it happen! Not the other health coaches, not your spouse, not me, not anyone can do this for you.

You either decide you want it and go all out, or get comfortable letting fear run your life.


2. I do things differently than most and now I’m cool with that

For a long time I wanted to just model what everyone else was doing. It seemed to be working for them so clearly it would work for me, right? Wrong.

When I was honest with myself I realized I didn’t like doing things the way others were doing things. I say crazy stuff, I talk fast, I don’t give a shit about a luxury lifestyle and expensive handbags, I’m not a planner I go on impulse, and networking events in NYC freak out the introvert in me.

Positioning myself as this flawless successful coach with all of the answers never felt right.

Instead I decided to just do me–the fast talking real person who genuinely cares about her tribe and loves her clients.

I send handwritten notes to people in my program. I send gifts when clients have big wins. I only recommend experts I’ve worked with personally. And, I call potential clients on the phone to personally invite them to programs rather than sending them flashy sales copy.

Who knows, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like being my business and doing it my way..and so far so good.

So when you feel tempted to follow the crowd, remember that doing YOU is always the better choice. No one can you do like you can, and the world needs you…not you trying to be like someone else. When you’re trying to be something you’re not it’s a lot more challenging for people to connect and resonate with you and your message.


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3. You have to invest a LOT to grow so quickly

No one wants to hear this but I’m here to say it anyway.
Investing is what helped my business take off in a big way.  I invested in going pro by hiring mentors, taking an amazing coaching course, and contracting experts who knew how to do things I definitely didn’t.

I spent more money than I ever have in my life this past year (and I also made more money than I ever had in my life). For the first time in my life I actually spent money I didn’t even have, putting things on credit cards I knew I couldn’t pay back right away.

That’s how it works, though. Because I was serious about having a business it was obvious I’d have to invest. Every other coach that I have encountered that has had massive success with their business has agreed that they’ve invested way more than they expected to, but that it directly influenced their growth.

Money is just energy–energy that came back to me like a tidal wave of abundance and positive experiences.

If you are considering investing in your own business, but the fearful thought about just figuring it out on your own keeps creeping in, do yourself a favor and tell it to F off.

You know you’re a pro and that you’re smart enough to recognize that everyone who is successful that you admire invests in themselves and their businesses–in mentors, experts, trainings–constantly.

Don’t waste anymore time trying to reinvent the wheel.


4. I now understand the value in scalable work

Gone are the days where I trade hours for dollars. The work that I do at the one-on-one level is so deep and transformational (and therefore draining and depleting) that it’s become apparent I need to shift my approach moving forward. The changes I’m making will allow me to still be able to serve at the level I want to serve at and not burn myself out.

I don’t regret the time I’ve spent this year working with so many private clients–private coaching is why I got into this after all–but I now know that it isn’t how I want to proceed.

Creating my signature mastermind, Own It, was a direct result of this revelation, and I feel extremely privileged to welcome 15 ladies (only a few spots left!) into this six-month program in January.

Taking on fewer private clients and investing a lot of my love in scalable programs feels absolutely perfect to me at this point of my journey.
Don’t be afraid to run your business how you want and in a way that makes you feel alive.

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5. Listening to my intuition especially when it’s inconvenient, is always the right decision

There has never been a question that I make decisions around what feels good. I feel blessed as a feminine being that I’m extremely connected to my intuition.

The trick though, is that it’s easy to follow my gut instinct when it’s convenient–when I didn’t want to do it anyway or when it was kind of scary to begin with.

The lesson this year was about the importance of following my intuition even when it is inconvenient; even when money had already been invested, when the project had already begun or when it felt like I’d be going back on a goal I’d set for myself by changing my mind.

When it is inconvenient is the most important time to follow my instincts. Otherwise I end up forcing and pushing to make something work that is out of alignment and the Universe knocks me on my ass because clearly I didn’t get the subtle nudges she was sending the first time around.

Moving forward my number one policy is to only run my business (and my life) in a way that feels good and in alignment, no ifs ands or buts about it.

​So please, please stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, if it doesn’t feel right to you then it isn’t the right path. Your pot of gold will NOT be at the end of the rainbow you hate, so only do things you love.


6. Regardless of the question, “taking a break” is always the right answer

If there is one thing I could go back and tell my past self a year ago, it would be to understand that taking a break is PART of the strategy.
Whether a 15-minute break or a full week away from work, creating that space to reboot, refresh and breath is the most valuable thing I can do for myself (and my clients and my business as a whole).

Because hustle is just how entrepreneurship works, often it feels counterintuitive to not work. Though I thought I knew last year that taking a break was smart, and had no idea. It is something I’m still embracing today, even.

When I take a break and put effort into caring for myself magic happens, every time. It is all about shifting my mindset to understand the value of allowing rather than forcing.

Everything I have planned for the first half of 2016 (starting with two weeks off this Christmas) includes scheduled breaks, time with family, travel, and events.

If you’re feeling burned out or that your work isn’t fun as much as it’s a chore, recognize that the answer is to take a break. You will be no use to anyone if you’re burnt out

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7. It takes a village

I don’t think I even need to explain this one. It takes a village to start a coaching practice–or any business for that matter. I mean, maybe you could do it alone, but it would be a lot more challenging and isolating that it has to be.

This year I had so many people love me, support me, hold me up, encourage me, challenge me, and simply hold space for me to grow.

I’m talking about hired professionals like my two amazing business coaches, and I’m talking about colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs. I’m also talking about my husband and my friends and family.

Because of the immense value I gained from the support of smart ambitious people this year I’ve actually made one of my three core objectives for 2016 to be participating in an organized mastermind.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to convince people who don’t understand you to do so, it’s a waste of your valuable energy. Find your tribe, seek them out and love them hard. Like attracts like, get your vibration up, be clear about what you want and invite people who are jazzed about your success into your world.


I could go on and on and on about all of the lessons I’ve learned this year, I could probably write an article about all of the lessons I’ve learned from each mentor and friend I engaged with over the past 12 moths. Learning so much is more than half the fun of this kind of rapid (thrilling) growth!

​What I want to know from you is what is the major lesson you learned this year and how is it influencing the way you’re approaching 2016?

Let us know over in the group! (The free Manifest Freedom workshop I hosted last week is available in the group still!)

love & gratitude,

Kathleen xogreen lineOwn It

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