You see, I know that for you, “making it” isn’t about fancy cars, expensive handbags or shopping sprees around the world. You’re after something way more simple, and way way wayyy more meaningful. You’re after a life where YOU get to choose, where YOU’RE the boss of you, and where YOUR values take precedent over the “shoulds” and the “have to’s.”

Okay, I’ll just say what I’m dying to tell you already…

You will be able to have that kind of freedom when you’re
living with intention, creating a life in total alignment with
your unique values and priorities.

Yes, really.

And actually, that’s why I’m here. You see, my highest value is helping you discover, prioritize, and hold true to yours – in life and business.

Because that’s the ticket to a happy you, and I know that a happy you creates a happy world.

My #1 mission is helping you find and create true FREEDOM in your life, starting with a LIFESTYLE that lights you up from head to toe. Because I know that your freedom is good for all of us.

So I’m here to keep it super simple for you.

I’m Kathleen Ventura, high-performance lifestyle coach (also see: your personal ray of sunshine) for successful entrepreneurs and professionals. I’m here to help you hone in and do what feels right to YOU, because ultimately, that’s the trick to “making it.” (Ssssh! That’s the secret no one else wants you to know!) If you want to build a life you love by doing what matters to YOU, and showing the world just how much you give a damn… babe, you’ve clicked to the right place.

So often I meet ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women who are experiencing incredible success in their work, but struggle with finding real balance and peace of mind in their life.

It is easy to stay busy with work when the rest of life–relationships, well-being, our bodies, family time–feels like too much to face. What I support you in doing is getting out of your own way and putting as much effort into creating a life you love as you do a business that makes great money.

Which is there needs to be a focus on your personal happiness, so that your success can be both sustainable and fulfilling.

You are a human being who simply needs to prioritize yourself.

The Human Being, whose needs are complex, ever-changing, and oh-so-important.

(Fun fact: I’m a certified transformational coach, which means helping you create the life you want – fears and nay-sayers be damned – is TOTALLY my jam.)

You are a human: beautiful, flawed, and always evolving as your business and career does. Which means that no matter what, you are constantly changing and being challenged as you expand. There is NO way around that. That’s the nature of transformation.

But that’s what you WANT.

You’re here to push the edges of your comfort zone have the LIFE that is as successful as your professional accomplishments. 

So, I’m going to ask you the one question that I most frequently ask my clients —

Who do you need to BE in order to make that happen?

Because figuring out what you need to DO… well, that’s the easy part of the equation. Trust me.

As someone who’s always challenged the status quo, I can tell you firsthand that your beliefs about who you are and what you can do are powerful. For better or for worse. This is what inspired me to become a coach in the first place! While I was just being me, making bold choices that were in alignment with my values and what I wanted, I would constantly hear the same, damn thing from other people… “I wish I could do that!”

Like when I decided to double up on college credits so I could take a year off to intern at Disney World and travel… “I wish I could do that!”

Or when I chose to move to Costa Rica to teach English instead of getting a “real job”… “I wish I could do that!”

Or when I rode my bike across the US and lived nomadically for two years… “I wish I could do that!”

And every single time, I just wanted to shout back the same response: HELLO, YOU CAN!!!

Fast forward a few years, and this internal knee-jerk response has become part of my personal mission. Now, I teach women how to do what they really want, live a life filled with intention that gives them the freedom to choose what they most value.

If I’ve learned anything in my years as a coach, it’s this: miracles DO happen when you do the work as “the human being”, not just “the boss”. I’ve seen my clients

I’ve seen women literally make history, and if there’s one thing I know about women making history, it’s this:

we cannot do it alone.

So if you’re ready to get super intentional about your life by doing the hard work both inside and out… lady, you’re in the right place. Let’s create your dream life so you can finally be the best version of yourself.

We can get started right here.