Simple Mills is at the forefront of the clean food movement

"If you don't recognize the ingredient, your body probably won't either" - Katlin Smith Katlin Smith is the founder and CEO of Simple Mills, a Chicago-based company at the forefront of a clean food movement [...]

Kimra Luna uses her brand influence for social justice

Kimra Luna embodies everything I believe about the power of personal brands using their influence to lead others to solutions for social and environmental issues. She is passionate and vocal abut a myriad of issues [...]

Beyond Business with Virtue Salon owners Melanie & TJ

Virtue Salon is a vegan concept, eco-conscious salon in Clintonville, OH, owned by the power couple, Melanie and TJ. They bring their values to every element of their brand and we can all learn a [...]

KOOSHOO’s inspiring founders want you to ask, “Who made my clothes?

Rachel and Jesse, founders of KOOSHOO, are two of the most intentional, conscious business owners I've come across. I promise you will not only be inspired but also have your eyes opened from the wisdom [...]

The Reason Natasha Milne Get’s Out of Bed

On this episode I'm introducing you to the powerhouse environmentalist, Natasha Milne. We were introduced by a mutual friend in the podcasting world and then realized that my sister in Chicago works for her co-author [...]

Beyond Business with Bethany Stec Janicek

Bethany Stec Janicek [also known as Mrs. Love Chard] and lives and breathe to share her life-saving weight loss transformation and whole food, plant-based lifestyle with the world. She has maintained an 80 pound weight loss and is a [...]

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