16 Things You Didn’t Know About the Environment

We all have seen the bumper stickers that say “we are what we do every day” and “change your daily rituals, change your life,” and frankly, they are true. What we do every day, ultimately [...]

Living Beyond Business – Kristin Lajeunesse EPISODE 4

I am SO honored to have interviewed the incredible Kristin Lajeunesse, founder of and writer for the award-winning website Will Travel for Vegan Food, on this week's episode. We chat about how she went from a typical [...]

Living Beyond Business – Niekia Botham EPISODE 3

This week, we interviewed Niekia Botham, a purpose driven entrepreneur who is on a mission to grow and empower her tribe of environmentally conscious, world changing philanthropists. She is a shining light and living her truth to have [...]

Living Beyond Business – Kaela McGuire EPISODE 2

This week, we interviewed Kaela McGuire, a life purpose intuitive coach who helps empaths embody their personal power and make the impact they crave. She is an incredible human being and one of the most passionate people [...]

Beyond Business – Sairah Pettes EPISODE 1

Today was a very exciting day. I hosted the first ever episode of my new Facebook LIVE show, Living Beyond Business. Join me and Sairah Pettes, founder of Turn Up the Love, in today's episode. We [...]

7 Lessons I Learned My First Year As Six-Figure Coach

This month has been extremely reflective and humbling for me.  Something about the glow of the holidays and the wave of memories of what I was doing last year at this time has me turning [...]

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