Beyond Business – Sairah Pettes EPISODE 1

Today was a very exciting day. I hosted the first ever episode of my new Facebook LIVE show, Living Beyond Business. Join me and Sairah Pettes, founder of Turn Up the Love, in today's episode. We [...]

7 Lessons I Learned My First Year As Six-Figure Coach

This month has been extremely reflective and humbling for me.  Something about the glow of the holidays and the wave of memories of what I was doing last year at this time has me turning [...]

Permission Granted to Only Hang Out with the Coolest People

Today is Find Your Freedom Retreat here in Sedona! This day is so special for a multitude of reasons, but I won't bore you with that excitement. Let's jump into today's Freedom Friday topic. I [...]

The Importance in Investing In You & Your Business

Happy Freedom Friday! Today is one week from Find Your Freedom Retreat here in Sedona!  In case you were wondering, I'm extremely excited! I have to get back to planning and organizing for the retreat [...]

6-Month Private Coaching Package The Game Changer.      Sick of working for someone else? Stuck in a job you hate? Eager to launch your business but unsure of what to do first? Overwhelmed by conflicting [...]

Get Terrified

When was the last time you did something that scared the shit out of you with your business? If you just hesitated at all it wasn't recently enough that you did something terrifying. If you [...]

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