We are talking with Vanessa Rende, business consultant extraordinaire, today and I cannot wait for her to share her story and why she is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses take it to the next level.

The show happens Live on my Facebook page every Monday. I will be interviewing entrepreneurs who live an intentional life *beyond* their business.

We will be discussing how their intentional living either led directly to the creation of their business or how it has powerfully impacted the success of their business (or, both!)

Living intentionally is about actively participating in the creation of a lifestyle in alignment with your unique values and priorities, we are here to inspire you to do just that–beyond your business!

I am so excited to have Vanessa on today’s episode!

Vanessa is a former FDIC and Fortune 500 advisor with over 12 years expertise, turned Business Consultant to Entrepreneurs. She is highly-skilled at analyzing businesses across any niche to help them find and fix money leaks from the inside out, starting with leadership. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses rise to the next level, stand out in a crowded market and dominate their niche.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How she started her online consulting business and left the corporate world
  • How she “walks her talk” with integrity and intention (and how that trickles down to her clients)
  • Small, intentional actions we can take every day that will build a movement…so we can be the change we wish to see in the world

To connect with Vanessa and learn more about her work, you can:

  • Check out her wildly beautiful website here.

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And stay tuned for next week’s episode!