I’m totally geeking out over our guests this week! I had the honor of talking with Rachel and Jesse, the amazing founders of KOOSHOO, a fashion brand that ethically manufactures out of Los Angeles. 

Living Beyond Business is a show that happens Live on my Facebook page every Monday. I will be interviewing entrepreneurs who live an intentional life *beyond* their business.

We will be discussing how their intentional living either led directly to the creation of their business or how it has powerfully impacted the success of their business (or, both!)

Living intentionally is about actively participating in the creation of a lifestyle in alignment with your unique values and priorities, we are here to inspire you to do just that–beyond your business!

I am so excited to have Rachel and Jesse on today’s episode!

KOOSHOO is best known for innovative designs that maximize the ways of using an item – such as their Journey Shawl that becomes a dozen different outfits and their baby pants that fit 3x longer than other baby pants. They also make very popular headbands and the world’s only plastic-free hair ties. Their products are always made from organic and natural materials, and packaged using recycled and biodegradable materials. They are available in stores and online at www.kooshoo.com, Amazon and ETSY.


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How they traveled and journeyed around the world for an entire year (and hiked to the Mount Everest base camp!)
  • How and why they created a business that did good in the world
  • The importance of having integrity in your business (“If you’re doing good stuff, you feel good.”) 
  • The value of their incredible products and how it is a reflection of things being done right
  • How everyone in their supply chain taken care of and how they are being conscious every step of the way

To connect with Rachel, Jesse and KOOSHOO, you can:

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