I am so honored to have Mike Watts on Living Beyond Business this week. Mike is an entrepreneur, speaker, husband, and father. Before becoming an all around badass by radically reinventing his own life, he used to work for Philip Morris. Today, he shows business owners how to expand their choices, do less and create the financial lives they want.

Mike wanted freedom from the traditional 9 to 5 so he became a pro at getting sh*t done. With unflagging dedication to becoming self-aware and vulnerable, he and his wife, Kate Northrup, went from debt to building a multiple six-figure business called The Freedom Family which continues its growth today.

Mike’s secret sauce is seeing how to correct inefficiencies and implement systems so entrepreneurs can do less but prosper more. He is working with business owners to make the world a better place. That starts by helping others realize they have more options than they think when it comes to their wellness, choices and financial lives.

So, it’s time to get excited for my interview with Mike!

In today’s episode we talk about: 

  • How Mike and his wife, Kate, have intentionally built their business around their priorities
  • The resistance that comes up when your dream starts to become a reality
  • Small, intentional actions you can take to make a difference in the world (and how you can use your powerful voice in a way that feels fun to you!)

To connect with Mike, you can:

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And stay tuned for next week’s episode!