Today was a very exciting day. I hosted the first ever episode of my new Facebook LIVE show, Living Beyond Business. Join me and Sairah Pettes, founder of Turn Up the Love, in today’s episode. We chat about plant based eating, voting with your dollar and much more!

Living Beyond Business, Living Intentionally: Entrepreneurs Creating A Life In Alignment with Their Values is a new show that will air weekly on the Kathleen Ventura Facebook Page.

My vision for this LIVE show is to showcase inspiring entrepreneurs with for-purpose businesses and who are also living a lifestyle in alignment with their unique values and priorities…beyond their work.

This week, we interviewed Sairah Pettes, a ray of light in the world of intentional, conscious living and business building. She is also a good friend.

Sairah is a Body Positive, Intuitive Eating Coach and the founder of Turn up the Love. She helps women to stop the diet-cycle by teaching them to throw out their scales, and let go of ‘perfectionitis’.

After several years of working as a health coach for Canada’s largest weight loss company, she quickly grew tired of following the corporate road map that presented obesity, and low self-esteem as a dollar sign. Since leaving her 9-5, she has traveled across the eastern coast of Australia, where she learned how to surrender to her body and make peace with food without a rulebook.

Through the power of self-acceptance, Sairah now coaches women to eat with intention without obsessive restriction and calorie counting, where they learn to love their bodies from the inside out. This spring Sairah will be launching her preliminary program: “Reconnect with Food: A Mindful Introduction.


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Sairah’s intentional lifestyle began when she was in an accident and was forced to re-evaluate her priorities
  • Why she identified eating plant-based could be one small change that would have the biggest impact…and how that got her started on building a life that was in alignment with her values
  • How proclaiming that she would never go back to her former way of living enabled everything in her life to change and bring in freedom for herself in her body
  • Why she chooses to “vote with her dollar” and by doing so, how she is considering not only herself, but also her neighbors, the community and the animals
  • How her being in alignment with her values beyond her business has enabled her to show up for her clients and welcome business growth

To connect with Sairah you can:

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Next week our guest is Kaela McGuire, a life purpose intuitive coach who helps empaths embody their personal power and make the impact they crave. Plus, she is one of the most passionate people I know!