The radiant Christine Egan my guest this week! Christine is a healthy living advocate, author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer.  She ran a half-marathon after ending 33 radiation treatments, and a full marathon to celebrate her remission. Today she leads the #RedefiningHealthy movement — teaching women around the world how to feel healthy in their bodies now, not after losing 15 pounds, finishing cancer treatments, or quitting their dead-end job.

Christine is a regular on local news, has appeared on Fox News, as well as in Yoga Journal, Better Homes and Garden and Live Happy Magazine.  She has also given talks for major running brands: Saucony and New Balance. Christine lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and three children.

I caught up with her when she was at a vacation home in New York this summer and we talked about her incredible journey through breast cancer and her lifestyle choices beyond business.

Christine is an author, speaker, health coach and powerful voice in the breast cancer space advocating for women to becoming the CEO of their own bodies to determine the care that is best for them.

I am so drawn to Christine because she is the only person I know who lives a even more intentional life than Brock and me. From homeschooling her three children to turning her yard into a garden and driving a Tesla and everything in between she doesn’t do anything without intentionally aligning her choices with her values and priorities!

In today’s episode we talk about: 

  • How Mike and his wife, Kate, have intentionally built their business around their priorities
  • The resistance that comes up when your dream starts to become a reality
  • Small, intentional actions you can take to make a difference in the world (and how you can use your powerful voice in a way that feels fun to you!)

To connect with Mike, you can:

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  • Or learn more about her incredible mission of Redefining Healthy at her website

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