Bethany Stec Janicek [also known as Mrs. Love Chard] and lives and breathe to share her life-saving weight loss transformation and whole food, plant-based lifestyle with the world. She has maintained an 80 pound weight loss and is a certified plant-based nutrition coach.

She helps others lose weight, overcome emotional eating, reach their body freedom, and gain a greater self-love through her monthly membership site, Nutribabe Nation.

Bethany and I were connected by a mutual friend (and fellow plant-based lifestyler) and we hit it off immediately. Her story is incredibly inspiring and I’m delighted to share her with you in today’s episode.

Considering Bethany is just as excitable as I am, the energy in this interview is through the roof!

In today’s episode we talk about: 

  • How Mike and his wife, Kate, have intentionally built their business around their priorities
  • The resistance that comes up when your dream starts to become a reality
  • Small, intentional actions you can take to make a difference in the world (and how you can use your powerful voice in a way that feels fun to you!)

To connect with Mike, you can:

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  • Stay up on her weekly Brunch Break videos on YouTube.
  • Or learn more about her work and story on her website.

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