This week, we interviewed Kaela McGuire, a life purpose intuitive coach who helps empaths embody their personal power and make the impact they crave. She is an incredible human being and one of the most passionate people I know!

I’m so excited to welcome you to the second episode of Living Beyond Business, Living Intentionally: Entrepreneurs Creating A Life In Alignment with Their Values. This is a new show that will air weekly on the Kathleen Ventura Facebook Page.

My vision for this LIVE show is to showcase inspiring entrepreneurs with for-purpose businesses and who are also living a lifestyle in alignment with their unique values and priorities…beyond their work.

Kaela McGuire is an Intuitive Life Purpose coach, and she’s helped hundreds of empaths embody their personal power and find their place in this world so they can live authentically and make the impact they crave. She has a degree in Humanistic Psychology, studied Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue, and has obtained other various life coaching certifications over the last decade – including dream interpretation, astrology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditation.

Kaela has climbed the corporate ladder in the financial industry, and uniquely created a position that allowed her to bring her intuitive gifts into the workplace. She is a starseed empath and understands what it’s like to feel ‘different’ than most people, so she has become devoted to  helping others find their way out of society’s constricting structure, and into a fulfilling life of passion, purpose and joy.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Kaela supports entrepreneurs to step into their light
  • Her unique perspective on upgrading your relationships
  • How her values influence her every day choices
  • How Kaela has brought her unique, intuitive gifts into the workplace (coaching in corporate!?)
  • How one person’s story doesn’t have to be YOUR story and how you can begin to take your power back.
  • Questions you can ask yourself (and others!) to help you break through fear and limiting beliefs

To connect with Kaela you can:

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And stay tuned for next week’s episode with Niekia Botham! Her story is so inspiring and incredible…you don’t want to miss it