This week, we interviewed Niekia Botham, a purpose driven entrepreneur who is on a mission to grow and empower her tribe of environmentally conscious, world changing philanthropists. She is a shining light and living her truth to have an impact on the world.

Welcome to the third episode of Living Beyond Business, Living Intentionally: Entrepreneurs Creating A Life In Alignment with Their Values. This is my new, live show that will air weekly on the Kathleen Ventura Facebook Page.

I am thrilled to have Niekia Botham on today’s episode. After a decade of snowboarding, partying and serving tables, the spark for this lifestyle started to dwindle and she felt a void for several years that she didn’t know how to fill.  She felt lost, confused and passionless.

In 2012, a couple of documentaries cracked open her mind and she began to question everything.  Seeking answers but drowning in information, Niekia came to realize that the best resource for truth was her own intuition.

With an open mind and intuitive connection Niekia discovered the culprit of her void, her purpose.  Niekia found a brilliant business with a simple platform that empowered her to empower others, and when this connection was made the Ah Ha Moments began to flow and her soul was set on fire.

Now on a mission to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy worldwide, Niekia lives intentionally off grid with her husband Todd and their son Tayson.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Niekia accidentally feel into off-grid living when she was almost 9 months pregnant and how they made it work!
  • Niekia’s big advice for anyone considering going solar
  • The one thing that most people are unaware of that stops them for considering solar energy as a viable option
  • The incredible process of her home birth with her son Tayson

To connect with Niekia and learn more about her mission, you can:

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