I am SO honored to have interviewed the incredible Kristin Lajeunesse, founder of and writer for the award-winning website Will Travel for Vegan Food, on this week’s episode. We chat about how she went from a typical “9-5” path to building a life around her own values.

If you haven’t tuned in before, Living Beyond Business, Living Intentionally: Entrepreneurs Creating A Life In Alignment with Their Values is a new show that will air weekly on the Kathleen Ventura Facebook Page.

My vision for this LIVE show is to showcase inspiring entrepreneurs with for-purpose businesses and who are also living a lifestyle in alignment with their unique values and priorities…beyond their work.

And if you don’t know Kristin, here’s a snippet of her amazing story! In September 2011, the New York native began traveling throughout the US in an effort to eat at every single all-vegan establishment she can find. Eighteen of those early consecutive travel months were spent living out of a renovated sports van affectionately named Gerty. As of July 2014, Kristin met her goal of visiting and eating in each of the 50 states and in April 2015 became a first-time traditionally published author with her memoir: Will Travel for Vegan Food: A Young Woman’s Solo Van-Dwelling Mission to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love.

In 2016, Kristin was selected as part of a winning team for VeganTravel.com to embark on an around-the-world journey, documenting vegan food and culture. Since returning to the US she is now focused on creating the first nationally televised vegan travel show. A self-employed restaurant marketing strategist and prom video maker, Kristin has chosen to maintain a location-independent lifestyle indefinitely. She has a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College.

Follow her travels and business adventures on wtfveganfood.com and kristinlajeunesse.com.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Where her journey started and how she began to live her alternative lifestyle
  • How she went from a typical “9-5” path to building a life around her own values
  • Kristin’s suggestions for anyone who may be hesitating in following their dream: start before you’re ready, take actionable steps and do a brain dump!
  • Why the quote, “Courage is not a feeling, it’s a choice” rings so true to her and others living “unconventionally”

To connect with Kristin and learn more about her mission, you can:


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