VIP Intensive Day

Too much noise can be deafening.

Yet, When You’re trying to figure out what’s next for your coaching practice, it’s way too easy to get caught up in all of it.

There’s the noise in your own head that sounds like…

“OMG, is this right for me?”
“Will I ever make this business WORK?”
“How much longer until I can quit my side job?”

And then there’s the noise “out there” like…

“ALWAYS send 2 emails to your community every week.”
“First, write a book, then you can start landing clients.”
“Facebook ads are the ONLY way!”
“If you’re not using videos, how will people get to know you?”

In a Word: “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

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Well, Whit If I told you that doing all of that crap is impossible, and you shouldn’t do it…

Would you believe me?
Because I’m serious.

Let me reframe this: Right now, you’re overwhelmed with advice and options.

Not all of it is bad, but trying to do ALL of it is.

Why? Because all you really need to do are the few, most important tasks that will help you achieve your business goals: that’s it. And deep down, you know that. But you don’t know what they are…

What you really want isn’t to be overloaded with work that may or may not generate clients, money, or growth for you.

What you really want is to simply know what the hell you have to do, hour to hour, day to day, and month to month…

What you really want is A Master Plan.
A Master Plan that will help you…’

•  Launch your program to RAVING success!
•  Build your tribe of people you’d LOVE to work with!
•  GET out of your own way, once and for all!
•  Book yourself solid with clients you’re THRILLED about!
•  Start each day STRESS-FREE because you’re super duper clear on all of your priorities!
•  FOCUS on the strategies that really work, so you can be as EFFICIENT as possible!

After all, you’re a busy lady. You don’t have hours and hours to waste on business building “techniques” that aren’t well suited to you. I know this because I’ve been there.

When I first started my coaching practice, I was hungry for information on how to build and grow. I must have taken every course and read every book on the subject, simply throwing idea after idea at the wall like wet noodles, hoping one would stick.

Sure, all of that trial and error gave me lots of experience, and I learned a ton. But ultimately, what helped me finally figure out what worked was paying close attention to what I wanted to create, who I wanted to work with, and what felt “right” for both myself and my clients.

Personally, I’m tired of the one-size-fits-all advice out there, and I’m tired of it because it doesn’t work. So, if you’ve been looking for permission to delete all of those “21 Day Challenge” emails, throw out the PDFs about how to make tons of money with Facebook Ads, or unsubscribe to whatever creep is trying to teach you a “formula” for getting clients… this is it! Permission granted!

This is also your opportunity to get rid of the color-by-numbers programs and invest in a PERSONALIZED, custom plan from a coach who’s been there and knows how to help you hone in on what’s actually going to work for YOU.

Say hello to my VIP Intensive.

 What is the VIP Intensive?

It’s a full or half day (virtual or in-person) where you and I meet to create a solid master plan for your business. Just… You. Me. 1 Day. 1 Master Plan. Infinite awesomeness.

“Kathleen was able to help me get my message out there in a big way.”

Before doing an Intensive with Kathleen, I was struggling with authenticity in my business which left me feeling unfocused and lacking direction. Kathleen was able to help me zero in on my authentic message, create a plan to move forward, and get my message out there in a big way that not only stretches me to move outside my comfort level, but also feels in complete alignment with my objectives. She has taught me that being in alignment with your own authenticity creates ease and flow with your business and I'm so grateful for her loving support and guidance.

~ Lisa Farrar, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

The 3 Big Goals

of your VIP Intensive are simple.

  • You get a PLAN for everything you need to do to achieve your business goal(s).
  • You feel GOOD about everything in that plan because it’s totally aligned with what matters to you and how YOU work best.
  • Your MINDSET is untouchable because a solid mindset is key to actually staying positive, accountable, and     keeping up your momentum.

What can we work on

in your VIP Intensive?

  • Mapping out your launch from start to finish.
  • Creating coaching packages that you’re totally confident in, pricing and all.
  • Getting super duper clear on who you serve and how you serve them.
  • Planning your next 6 months of business in detail.
  • Nailing the mindset you really need so you are set up for a successful year!

You can bring anything you’re currently (or consistently) struggling with, and we’ll create an action plan, troubleshoot any hold-backs or challenges, and make sure you’re armed (and fabulous) to step forward and make magic happen in your business!

“Now I am in charge of my destiny!”

Before my Intensive with Kathleen I was equating my self-worth, confidence, and even business competence to my credit card debt. Because I had lots of self-created debt, it felt like I wasn't good enough to go forth and conquer. It was like this debt was holding me back from taking risks and opportunities because it caused a lot of embarrassment.

We worked on a lot of strategies surrounding forgiveness, objectivity (this debt is just a emotional ties to it), and positive intention. I was feeling a lot of guilt and shame around my debt and how it affected my confidence.

Now I am in charge of my destiny! She opened my mind up to the Law of Attraction and the power of intention. Re-framing how I saw my credit card debt, along with visualizing how I could see credit as a tool towards shaping my life changed my mindset SO much. Kathleen is AMAZING and has this positively beautiful energy that just makes you feel so safe! Thank you!

~ Veronica Yanhs, Systems Strategist, Business Laid Bare

You have 3 VIP Intensives to choose from…

Ready to get your master plan?

•  Simply click the APPLY NOW button below and you’ll be directed to an application page.

•  After you fill out your application, you’ll be contacted within a few days to set up a quick  chat with me
(Kathleen!) to decide if we’re a fit. If you’re a previous client, we may simply  skip this step!

•  If we’re buzzing with excitement to work together (and I have a feeling we will be!),  we’ll get your VIP
Intensive on the books, and you’ll be invoiced for the first installment  to hold your space!

•  You’ll schedule your first prep call with me, and from there we’ll set you up on the  payment plan that
you prefer. You may pay in full or….

•  We’ll meet, map out your master plan, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

“Her insights,encouragement, wisdom and incredible business knowledge is worth every penny”

My main challenge before my intensive with Kathleen was having no plan and not knowing where to start. During my session I learned to basically just start..anywhere. My shift came from realizing that I know more than I think and my peeps are waiting for me. I walked away knowing that I Kathleen believed in me and had my back.

Since the intensive I’ve accomplished an amazing amount of work. I have a step by step plan. I started an email series going out regularly, I have Facebook postings everyday and I learned how to scheduled them ahead of time (time management). My Youtube channel is up and videos are posted, I’ve submitted articles to three magazines. I have planned out and scheduled a LOA workshop. My sales funnel is made and advertised on website. I have my cash register/cart in place to collect MONEY. I have rewritten my website copy to truly reflect me and my vision. I have an affiliate page in the works and 3 blogs written and uploaded to my website! Phew! and that’s only in 2 months!

This was all made possible by having a coach that believes in me. Kathleen understands the pain and frustration (and fear) of starting out. She is the real deal. Kathleen talks her talk and walks the walk. Her combination of love and support while holding me accountable to get my work done is exactly what I need in a coach. Her insights, encouragement, wisdom and incredible business knowledge is worth every penny. I know I would still be spinning my wheels without her. Kathleen is the best investment I have made in my business and undoubtedly she will be yours too.

~ Sue Burhoe , Holistic Life Coach & Soul Therapy Practitioner