Rachel and Jesse, founders of KOOSHOO, are two of the most intentional, conscious business owners I’ve come across. I promise you will not only be inspired but also have your eyes opened from the wisdom they share in this episode about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment.

Their personal journey of realizing they wanted to create a product line that “feels good” (the meaning of “Kooshoo” in Norfuk) is what conscious business is all about– believing that there has to be better, and then stepping up to the plate to be that change and make the difference in the marketplace.

They produce gorgeous 100% organic cotton, plastic-free hairties (which I personally LOVE), plus headbands, baby clothes and more. Their supply chain is: -Organic & Natural -Made in California -Solar Powered -Ethically Operated -Hand Dyed -Giving to Charity and, of course, FEELING GOOD

They not only create high-quality products with these high-standards, they also use their brand to educate their audience about the dangers of fast fashion, the importance of organic non-gmo cotton, paying textile workers a livable wage, and simply learning to ask “Who made my clothes?” and hold the fashion industry accountable for their supply chain.

“Telling the story of what happens in fashion and what your alternatives are….Ultimately we measure our success in if we can educate others. [When we started we decided] we would be transparent in the way we make this product, to hopefully influence other makers to follow suit and to use it as a platform for education. ” – Jesse

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How they traveled and journeyed around the world for an entire year (and hiked to the Mount Everest base camp!)
  • How and why they created a business that did good in the world
  • The importance of having integrity in your business (“If you’re doing good stuff, you feel good.”) 
  • The value of their incredible products and how it is a reflection of things being done right
  • How everyone in their supply chain taken care of and how they are being conscious every step of the way

To connect with Rachel, Jesse and KOOSHOO, you can:

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