On this episode I’m introducing you to the powerhouse environmentalist, Natasha Milne. We were introduced by a mutual friend in the podcasting world and then realized that my sister in Chicago works for her co-author of her recent book. Small world!

A photographer for over 20 years in New York and Sydney, Natasha is now the host of the My Home Planet podcast, a show for seekers of planet heroes. Each week Natasha interviews people who wake up each day and put the planet first. The podcast is an extension of the book she created last year called One Hundred and One Reasons To Get Out of Bed, which asked 101 animal and environmental advocates what gets them out of bed and why. Contributors include Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Paul Hawken and Richard Branson.

She is also creating an incredible podcast channel called TWIG.fm that I’m honored to be a part of when it launches in October! TWIG.fm (The World is Good) is a unique podcast channel for extraordinary, solutionary ‘force for good’ women podcasters and their listeners. A global home for planet focused content without all the doom and gloom-everything from women in leadership to the importance of ecological story-telling, from science to sustainability, environmental justice to education, ants to antidotes, and cycles to conservation has a home on Twig.

I adore her approach to saving the planet and her love for animals. I have learned so much from knowing her and I’m thrilled to be sharing her mission with you!

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