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teaching-kathleenI love connecting with like-minded women, entrepreneurs and coaches.

My mission is to help other women step fiercely into their own spotlight and create their version of freedom through entrepreneurship and intentional living.

I am happy to make time for interviews, telesummits, profiles and expert commentary on topics such as:

~ The mindset, actions and business strategy behind successful entrepreneurs

~My signature message that the power of living intentionally breeds freedom, along with fulfillment, happiness, and courage.

~ The tools and foundation you need you’re first starting your business

~ How to authentically and genuinely share your message and build a successful business

~ The importance of aligning mindset an strategy (or risk a lot of frustration and resistance)

~ The “Laptop Lifestyle” and my 2-years of perpetual travel around the world (including a cross-country bike trip in the U.S.)

~ Steps to actively participate in the creation of a life (and lifestyle) that is in alignment with your unique priorities and values

~ How to eliminate fear and resistance and finally start making real money with your business.

My topics are flexible and I am happy to work with the time and format of your show. 


Praise from my past interviews, telesummits and speaking engagements:


coaching_praise_caroline-up“Kathleen Ventura lit up the stage at our event and had our attendees on the edge of their seats with her well organized and interesting talk.  She gives one of the most authentic and genuinely delivered speeches, and is one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hosting!  We were so grateful she could fit us into her schedule!”

-Dr. Caroline Jones, TEDx GreatHillsWomen Organizer


Meg“I had the opportunity to work with Kathleen on an interview series event, and she BLEW me away start to finish. The moment I spoke with Kathleen, there was an energy about her that was completely contagious. Kathleen brings love, enthusiasm, and excitement into everything she does. She is able to beautifully articulate her unique story in a way that draws you in immediately. Kathleen is a storyteller, but above anything else, she is a role model and leader. Thank you Kathleen! You rock, woman!”

– Meg Kathleen Worldwide, Women’s Empowerment Coach



TEDx GreatHillsWomen “How Living Intentionally Breeds Freedom”

Adventure Revolution Telesummit Interview

Truth Talk Radio


Let’s get in touch!

Seem like a good fit for you and your audience? Great! Fill out the contact form here and I will be in touch with you shortly.

You may alternatively contact me at kathleen at kathleenventura dot com with your name, business and details of the interview or event. Thank you so much again for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you!