Kathleen Ventura is a high-performance, conscious consultant and TEDx speaker. Making a move that would terrify even the bravest of non-conformists, she quit her high-pressure sales job in 2012, sold everything, and set out to ride her bike across the United States.

After 2 years of perpetual travel, she found her calling as a coach and consultant for successful ambitious women. Kathleen supports influencers—entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities—who are crushing it professionally and realize they need to be more intentional about creating a lifestyle full of things they desire beyond business for their success to be both sustainable and fulfilling.

She is a self-proclaimed “intentional liver” on a mission to spread awareness and inspire action in ambitious leaders, and to make a real difference towards social and environmental issues. Kathleen is a passionate environmentalist, feminist and advocate for plant-based eating. She believes that living intentionally, actively designing a life in alignment with one’s unique values and priorities, breeds freedom and abundance. She lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband and rescue dog and cat, living a life totally in alignment with her own values.

Talking and Teaching Points

Living Intentionally: My deep belief that making intentional choices, in direct alignment with ones unique values and priorities, leads to freedom and is the only way for leaders to create sustainable and fulfilling success.

Social Entrepreneurship: As an entrepreneur on a mission to be the change you want to see through your work, you are in a unique position to influence progress and bring awareness to social issues. Personal brands are an untapped area for mobilizing masses of people into action to create real solutions to world issues.

Powerhouse Women Burnout: Ambitious, high-achievers tend to throw everything into building an all-consuming empire, then look around and realize the freedom and flexibility they envisioned professional success would bring is no where in sight. I generally prescribe some re-evaluating of values, boundaries and self-respect.

Conscious, Plant-Based Living: How everything I do in my own life and business is based around adhering to my values. This includes a well-rounded, uncompromising conscious lifestyle that revolves around a plant-based diet as a preventative healthcare measure and combating climate change.

Cross-Country Bicycle trip: In 2012 I quit my stable 9-5 job to ride 5,000+ miles across the United States with my husband.

Environmentalism: There are things we can all do differently in our daily lives that can have massive positive influence on the preservation of the planet.

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Comments & Praise

“Kathleen Ventura lit up the stage at our event and had our attendees on the edge of their seats with her well organized and interesting talk. She gives one of the most authentic and genuinely delivered speeches, and is one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hosting! We were so grateful she could fit us into her schedule!

-Dr. Caroline Jones, TEDx GreatHillsWomen Organizer

“I had the opportunity to work with Kathleen on an interview series event, and she BLEW me away start to finish. The moment I spoke with Kathleen, there was an energy about her that was completely contagious. Kathleen brings love, enthusiasm, and excitement into everything she does. She is able to beautifully articulate her unique story in a way that draws you in immediately. Kathleen is a storyteller, but above anything else, she is a role model and leader. Thank you Kathleen! You rock, woman!”

– Meg Kathleen Worldwide, Women’s Empowerment Coach

“One of the most impressive and admirable things about Kathleen is she lives such an intentional life. Every action, decision and insight she gives is done with intention, she doesn’t say or do things “willy-nilly,” which is one of the reasons I respect her so much. She walks her talk and it is evident. She is a world-class business and life coach and she encourages female entrepreneurs every single day to live their truth, take action and be intentional in all areas of their life.”

– Lindsey O’Connor, Copywriter, Storyteller, Creator of “Travels with Lindsey”

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