6-Month Private Coaching Package

The Game Changer. 

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Sick of working for someone else?

Stuck in a job you hate?

Eager to launch your business but unsure of what to do first?

Overwhelmed by conflicting advice?

Scared to fail? Scared to succeed?

You need guidance, someone who can tell you what to do step-by-step. You need a plan to build your dream and get out of the 9 to 5.


Good news. We can do that and more in less than 6 months


So that lack direction and support? Will be nothing but a bad memory.


Hi, I’m Kathleen. If you’re done waiting for someone else to give you permission to go after what you want, I’m your girl. Together, we figure out what that is, why you want it (your motivation to succeed), and what’s in the way of you having it.


My mission is to help women break down their goals into actionable steps, smash blocks and learn how to receive. (Because, yeah, lots of people freak out when they actually get what they’re after.)

And fear is a bitch, but so is living a life you don’t like.

If you’re ready to create a plan and stick to it, let’s do this.


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In my signature 6-month coaching experience we will get you laser focused on what you want, permanently clear the blocks that have been getting in your way  and have you achieving the exact results you’ve envisioned for yourself.


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What you get:

  • 24 one-hour calls (one per week)
  • Unlimited email support throughout the program
  • Recordings of each of your coaching sessions to reference between calls
  • Life-time access to my signature digital program Start Your Coaching Practice ($497 value)
  • Done for you resources
  • Access to my personal tips, tricks and hacks for building a life and business you love


What you’ll walk away with:


  • Confidence and direction (how to be yourself and feel damn good)
  • A business that makes real money
  • Freedom (goodbye, corporate)
  • An understanding of your previous limiting beliefs, so they don’t come back
  • Why you want what you want (because that motivates you)
  • Accountability and guidance (to get shit done)

Truth time: This program isn’t going to just help you create an amazing six months. What you learn during our time together will help you lay a foundation for an amazing life.


Investment $12,00 or 6 payments of $2,000


If you are serious about working with me I would love to set up a one-hour coaching call with you at your convenience. This call will be exactly that, a coaching call, not a sales call.

I believe that you need to have experience with a coach as a coach before hiring them.  My coaching speaks for itself and by the end of this session we will both be clear on if it makes sense for us to move forward together.

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