Today is Find Your Freedom Retreat here in Sedona! This day is so special for a multitude of reasons, but I won’t bore you with that excitement.

Let’s jump into today’s Freedom Friday topic. I made sure that it related to the fact that today is the start of Find Your Freedom Retreat.

This is the good news: As an entrepreneur you are really special. You are the kind of person that lives–whether you realize it or not–with more intention than the average person.

You are deliberately and intentionally participating in the creation of a life that suits your values, priorities and gifts.


The better news: The more intentional you are the more it breeds freedom for the rest of world. When you are living on purpose and doing the ‘scary’ stuff, it inspires others to do their own ‘scary’ stuff.

Because I have the immense privilege of holding space for powerful entrepreneurial women this weekend and creating an uplifting environment of support and respect, I want to talk to you about who you are surrounding yourself with that elevates you in your life.

I am particularly worked up in this video because I’m rather passionate about the importance of intentionally deciding who you give your love, attention and energy to.

Your homework is really simple, you can either let us know in the comments below or in the private group.

I know it may not be something you want to share with the world wide web, so my private Facebook community may be a more comfy option for this week’s answers.

Can’t wait to connect with you next week and let you in on how well the retreat went!

to you and your freedom,

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