I have a vision for the world that includes all people actively participating in creating lives and lifestyles in alignment with their unique values and priorities–living intentionally.

Intentionally choosing where they live, who they love, what kind of work they do, what kind of food is at the end of their fork, how they educate their children, who they build relationships with, how they contribute to their communities, and more.

For too long really smart people have been sleepwalking through these decisions and following the status quo’s directions for what they should and shouldn’t do, and what should and shouldn’t make them happy.

You don’t have to be a rebel nonconformist (like me), but it sure is time that more people are truly fulfilled by their own lives, isn’t it? I mean, could imagine what world like that would be like to live in??

I’m Kathleen Ventura and I want to tell you what really matters to me.

(If you’re looking for the official professional accolades, that is here.)

I happen to live a life of uncompromising adherence to my own values, and because it’s my life it doesn’t feel noteworthy, but people tend to be fascinated when I tell them that:

  • I eat a 100% plant-based lifestyle of organic foods grown as close to me as possible (and I haven’t been sick and nearly cleared up lifelong seasonal allergies since making this lifestyle shift)
  • Every single decision I make takes into account my impact on the planet
  • We recently bought our first house and remodeled it with the most non-toxic finishings available on the market
  • I won’t spend my money on animal products under any circumstances, nor is anyone eating dead animals at my house
  • My husband made all of our furniture (except for our current couch) from reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood
  • We compost all of our food scraps and use it to grow our vegetable garden and 17 fruit bearing trees (read: self sufficiency)
  • I will no longer buy clothing from traditional stores (I’m not a saint, I have plenty of clothing produced in sweat shops in my closet, moving forward I will not be purchasing anything else made in this way)
  • I live in my dream location of Sedona, Arizona
  • Our fur babies–Asoka and Katooni–are rescue animals who both eat plant based diets (overseen by our homeopathic vet). Yes, it’s possible and yes they are both incredibly healthy.
  • There are no paper towels or tissues in our house
  • I have actually argued with cashiers that try to give me my purchase in a plastic bag
  • That I’m this avid environmentalist with uncompromising values that also is obsessed with Star Wars, Disney and unique Airbnb accommodations.

I believe it is my life’s work to enable as many people as possible to live intentionally.

At the moment this is taking form in two ways.

As you likely know, the first way is in a one-at-a-time approach. Privately coaching successful professionals and entrepreneurs to get out of their own way, and finally start living on their own terms.

The second comes from my belief that the world will ultimately change from mobilizing ordinary people rather than big corporations and governing bodies, to change their everyday behavior to be aligned with their own values and with the fact that we are all connected in mind.

I am on a mission to enable influencers, thought leaders, personal brands and small businesses to use their platforms to bring awareness and education to the masses through their existing audiences to ultimately mobile an entire generation of people to take action and create real solutions to challenges facing our world.

Now it is clear that there is a bigger opportunity for me to use my voice and truly be the change I want to see by impacting millions of  people to live more intentionally and save the planet.

Ambitious? I know, I’m ready.

 These are my values…

My Own Health and Wellbeing

I eat and live the way I do because 1) I feel like it makes sense to avoid chronic illness by eating foods that nourish my body and don’t lead to inflammation as a preventative healthcare measure, and 2) It is hard to feel good when you feel like crap, and since shifting to a whole food, plant-based diet sans refined sugar and soy I have had more natural energy than ever before in my life.

The Environment and The Planet We Live On

We are to the point in history where we are venturing into unknown territory with our climate changing. We are already seeing famine, flood, drought, displacement, civil war, ocean dead zones, sea level rise, premature labor, death, and more as the side effects of climate change. The good news is that because we did this through our behavior we can also begin to slow the degradation and even begin to reverse these effects through changing our behavior.  This is important to me because I frankly don’t want to live on a planet where finding food, water and having clean air to breath are challenges we’d have to face.

Conscious Consumerism

The way I see it is that when we buy one thing or another we are voting to say “more like this please”. So when I vote with my dollars to buy fair-trade, organic clothing from a company like PACT I vote for clean textile supply chains, keeping dyes and formaldehyde out of the fresh water supply in India, farming that doesn’t include dousing cotton farms with toxic pesticides, and clothing that doesn’t have toxic chemicals on my skin. When I buy clothing from a traditional store like the GAP I am voting for Monsanto cotton seeds that are leading to tens of thousands of suicides in India because farmers can’t pay back the loans they had to take out to buy the seeds, farmers’ children having tumors and cancers from the high levels of toxins sprayed on the genetically modified seeds, sweat shop labor, and the #2 most polluting industry in the world.

Women In Leadership

This likely comes from the fact that I was both raised by a fiercely independent mother and attended the largest all-girl liberal arts high school in the United States. I agree with the Dalai Lama that the world will be saved by the western woman, so I support women both through my coaching and consulting, and hiring women as contractors to work within my business operations.

Other interesting things about me

  • I’ve ridden my bicycle across the United States (Virginia to Oregon)
  • I’ve hiked the 211-mile John Muir Trail including submitting the highest peak in the continental U.S., Mt. Whitney at 14, 505
  • I taught ESL in Costa Rica for over a year after I decided to not get a ‘big kid job’ after graduation
  • I had major leadership roles in my Business Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, for three years in my undergrad program
  • I have dual citizenship with Ireland
  • My husband and I met through mutual friends when I was 18, but didn’t end up in a relationship together until 5 years later
  • The fastest way to my heart is unexpected gifts, inventive plant-based restaurants, farmers’ markets and rain of any kind
  • I studied in Spain for a semester
  • I interned at Disney World in college
  • My birthday is the day after Christmas and, no, it doesn’t totally suck, it’s actually awesome

Your intentional choices are good for all of us.

So if you’re ready to get super intentional about your life by doing the hard work both inside and out… lady, you’re in the right place. Let’s create your dream life so you can finally be the best version of yourself.

We can get started right here.