Alexia Vernon shows women how to step into their moxie as a speaker for their business or social movement

We are kicking off Beyond Business 2018 with a dear friend who uses her voice to change the world like it’s her job – because it quite literally is her job.

Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the Obama White House Office of Public Engagement for her unique and effective approach to developing rising female leaders, Alexia partners with female and male executives, startup founders, entrepreneurs, media personalities, bestselling authors and change agents to use public speaking and heart-centered, high impact communication to radically and positively transform their people’s lives, grow their audience and increase revenue.

As we address during this episode, Alexia doesn’t see a line between where her as woman or an entrepreneur ends and her as an activist begins.

To me, Alexia is an incredible role model of an influential personal brand who is intentionally using her platform to bring attention and awareness to issues that are deeply important to her.  She is deliberate and full of conviction when she choses the topics to speak up on whether from the stage or writing a newsletter to her email list.

On today’s episode we talk about…
The two responses she gets from her list when addressing hot-button topics like current events or sexual assault
Making things human issues vs. partisan issues
Speaking up on things that are truly important to us and respecting what others do/do not speak up about
The importance of creating more change-makers and enabling people with different view points to move into the full expression of their leadership
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