Daniel Silverstein is a zero waste pioneer

Daniel Silverstein is a New York based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer. His namesake label has been seen in boutiques and specialty stores around the world. Entertainers such as jennifer hudson, kristen bell, amber [...]

Simple Mills is at the forefront of the clean food movement

"If you don't recognize the ingredient, your body probably won't either" - Katlin Smith Katlin Smith is the founder and CEO of Simple Mills, a Chicago-based company at the forefront of a clean food movement [...]

Kimra Luna uses her brand influence for social justice

Kimra Luna embodies everything I believe about the power of personal brands using their influence to lead others to solutions for social and environmental issues. She is passionate and vocal abut a myriad of issues [...]

Beyond Business with Virtue Salon owners Melanie & TJ

Virtue Salon is a vegan concept, eco-conscious salon in Clintonville, OH, owned by the power couple, Melanie and TJ. They bring their values to every element of their brand and we can all learn a [...]

KOOSHOO’s inspiring founders want you to ask, “Who made my clothes?

Rachel and Jesse, founders of KOOSHOO, are two of the most intentional, conscious business owners I've come across. I promise you will not only be inspired but also have your eyes opened from the wisdom [...]

The Reason Natasha Milne Get’s Out of Bed

On this episode I'm introducing you to the powerhouse environmentalist, Natasha Milne. We were introduced by a mutual friend in the podcasting world and then realized that my sister in Chicago works for her co-author [...]

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