Daniel Silverstein is a New York based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer.

His namesake label has been seen in boutiques and specialty stores around the world. Entertainers such as jennifer hudson, kristen bell, amber valletta, lauren singer, and ariana & the rose have been seen at red carpet events and on magazine covers across the US and England in his collection.

In 2016 Daniel embarked on a new journey with the creation of zero waste Daniel, or ZWD.

ZWD is a closed loop option for the apparel industry to aid in ending the catastrophic pollution that plagues our earth and tarnishes our reputation as designers and as people. This process creates jobs as well as a workforce training program for the future innovators of zero waste design that we so desperately need to encourage as we think about the future of our planet.

Now in it’s 2nd year, ZWD has saved literal tons of scrap material from hittling landfills in the greater new york area.

In spring of 2017, Daniel co-founded PACKAGE FREE a zero waste lifestyle shop with fellow zero waste pioneer, lauren singer of trash is for tossers. Together, the two have created a one-stop-shop for sustainable and zero waste living, giving consumers all the tools they need to instantly reduce their waste emissions.

In summer of of 2017, ZWD opened its flagship location at 369 hooper street in Brooklyn, New york.

After starting his collection in 2010, Daniel gained the attention of both the buyers and the audience on season 2 of the NBC reality competition, fashion star in spring, 2013.

Interested in helping make social and environmental change in the fashion industry, Daniel has donated his time and pieces from his collection to help raise funds for Dress for Success and Jersey Battered Women’s Service, volunteered at The Fashion Industry of Technology as a guest critic offering advice and internships to aspiring designers and mentoring them in a zero waste environment. additionally, daniel offers a series of zero waste design workshops and lectures, for more information click here.

Daniel is also the proud designer of Coeio products developing zero waste pieces for Jae Rhim Lee’s vision for the future of green burials.

I can’t get enough of Daniel and his brand(s)! What an inspiring social entrepreneur and change-worker.

My favorite quote from this episode was:

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To connect with Daniel and his brands, you can:

  • Follow Zero Waste Daniel on Instagram (be sure to watch their stories)
  • Keep up with all things Package Free on Instagram here.
  • Or learn more all things Zero Waste Daniel on the website


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