In Service of their Dreams


  • Get booked out from month to month,  with less hesitation and more ease
  • Amass a GIANT community of raving fans who ADORE you
  • Create new, exciting offers that make both YOU  and your clients tingle with delight
  • Build a business that’s both profitable and feels  good…

Then, I have something special for you. Something that I created purely from witnessing your struggles and what you most deeply need to leverage your talents into a sustainable, soul-energizing business.

Because I SEE you, girl. I see what you’re going through…

I See…

  • The long nights (and longer days) where you’re working your “bridge job,” taking care of  your family, and ALSO hustling to build your business. I see that your time is limited  and you’re overwhelmed.
  • The massive amounts of information being thrown at you from various “experts,” so  much so that you’re on information overload. I see you trying to learn all the business  things, unsure of what you need to focus on first.
  • The time, energy, money, and care that you’ve already invested into your training and  education. I see that you’re legit and ready to land those clients if you only knew where  to begin.

I see that you’re a powerhouse, with lots to achieve, more to do, and yet at a complete loss with how to proceed in the most strategic, effective way possible.

I also see that while you’re collecting information, taking courses, and developing yourself, you’re stressed. Because here you are, spending energy, time, and money, and yet you’re NOT seeing enough of a return! Where are the clients? Where is the profit?

You know what? I get it because I’ve been there. I’ve done the information overload, I’ve binged on all the “how-to-build-a-biz” freebies, I’ve taken the courses, and I’ve spun in circles – learning and learning and learning and WAITING for clients to magically appear.

But business doesn’t work like that.
Because business isn’t about waiting, it’s about BEING and DOING.

Trust me, I know. It took me a whole year of doing the wrong things to learn this the hard way. It wasn’t until I got super clear on what was going to be the BEST possible use of my time, plus who I needed to be, and what I needed to DO, that my coaching business finally woke up and smelled the profit. I started being strategic, smart, and diligent (not to mention, enthusiastic and confident!) and doing what I knew was going to get results. And you know what happened next? CLIENTS. Weeeee!

My guess is that you want that too.

Presenting… Own It.

A 6-month-long group mastermind program that will help you get clear, get moving, and get exactly the support you need when you need it.

The rest of 2017 is yours for the taking.

What’s included in OWN IT?

In short: everything your heart desires & your business needs.

But, if you need more specifics, you’ll get…


Also known as your 19 fellow mastermind buddies. These ladies are here to share this space with you (on Facebook and in our live group calls!) as you go through the ups and downs of building your coaching practice into the business of your dreams.


($6000 value)
From both myself and the cheerleaders *wink* via our private Facebook group, our 12 group calls, and our 3 private calls as well! Get ready to be lifted up with the collective energy that happens when powerhouse coaches unite!


($3000 value)
(1 every other month) where we’ll cover anything that’s holding you up in business so you can move forward, and quickly! Whether it’s your mindset, your plan, or your overall vision that needs attention, I’ll be here to help! As your business evolves from month to month, so will the topics we cover and that’s why the calls are open-ended to serve YOU in the best way possible!


($3600 value)

To address ALL of your confusion about what to do NOW. For the first time ever, you’ll have a coach that will deliver to you *just* what you need to know, when you need to know it. Kiss that overwhelm goodbye.


($6000 value)
So you can learn precisely what you need to, and from the best in the business! Smart business means collaborating with others in their zone of genius, so instead of trying to teach you the topics that aren’t my strength, I’m bringing the experts right to you!


($3000 value)
So you can ask these geniuses anything, and have their undivided attention for an entire hour! And these ladies are not cheap to work with, either. But you get their wisdom for FREE


($2700 value)
To address your needs with me in front of the entire group, so we can all stay up to speed on your individual progress, and know how to support you as you move forward! Laser-fast coaching and group pep talks, here you come!


($1200 value)
Where you and the entire OWN IT squad will have the opportunity to give each other feedback and help, brainstorm ideas, offer advice, and overall just be there for each other. It’s AMAZING, I promise.

1 ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY if you want one!

Also... Priceless!
This will help you power through your to-do list even on days when you don’t feel like it. Set up virtual meet-ups, give each other feedback, and cheer each other on as you reach your goals. Yay!

PLUS, you’ll also get access to our 1-DAY OWN IT LIVE MASTERMIND event

($500 value)
In Sedona, AZ with the entire crew! Get ready for some life-changing connection, fun, and breakthroughs like you never imagined were possible!


*Confetti explosions!*

The total value of OWN IT is over $25,000.

Your investment is just

Can you even imagine the impact this will have on your business?

Finally booking clients from month to month without overwhelm, stress, self-doubt, or
(let’s be honest) loneliness… what is that really worth to you?
$10,000? $20,000? More?

And all you have to invest is $7500 to make the progress you want to make in the next 6 months.

What can YOU accomplish in 2017? Let’s find out.

 Only 15 Spots Available


“The power of being and holding the same space with these women was life changing.”

My favorite part of “Own It” was the Live Event! And of course everything else. The live event really felt like it was a culmination of everything and the power of being and holding the same space with these women was life changing. Besides the live event, I really enjoyed and appreciated all of it. Everything had its own great place. The safe space to always share and get support in the facebook group, the group calls where you could learn so much about yourself by listening to the journey and ideas of others, trainings from industry experts that made things simple, and of course the access to Kathleen!

My biggest take away from “Own It’ is summed up in the title. Learning to own my awesome – even if it doesn’t fit into a modern template. To own my own shit when it’s keeping me from moving forward. To own my voice…to trust it…to take time to listen to it…to share it with the world.

My most exciting accomplishment during “Own It” has been the ability to completely transition my business and my message. I’m changing lives on my own terms. I get to decide how I live my life and run my business. I LOVE it and I’m getting paid to do it!

~ Amy Haas, Mindset Mentor & BadAss Life Builder


“She’s been where I’ve been and she lays out all the steps.”

“Working with Kathleen has been inspirational and it’s been very energetic. Every time I just want to turn my back on the business, just watching her business in action, I just keep looking at it and thinking…”I could do that.” She’s been where I’ve been and she lays out all the steps… it’s just a matter of taking those steps forward.” 

~ Diana Forbes | Chief Rallying Officer, CREST Club

“Without the Own It Mastermind I would probably still be working a dead end job, unhappy, missing time with my kids, and having no value in myself.”

“I joined the Own It Mastermind and it ALL changed. I started a free wellness group on Facebook that quickly attracted over 600 members, I enrolled in a school to be a nutrition expert, I started taking clients (without a website), and I started to master all the back end things of business that terrified me.

Without the Own It Mastermind I would probably still be working a dead end job, unhappy, missing time with my kids, and having no value in myself.”

~ Kylee Archibald

What are you going to learn?

We’ll kick off our 6 months together by getting CLEAR on your 3 core objectives.
These may change as you advance your business month by month, but we’ll need a roadmap to get the journey started.

PACKAGES that will actually sell!

Learn how to put your services together in a way that will make your clients “ooh” and “aah!”

PRICING that feels good! 

No more stressing out about how much to charge! I’ll walk you through my method for pricing that will take the anxiety and “ick” factor out of the equation.

MESSAGING to grow your following!

After all, your business needs a core message to truly connect with your audience. This is step ONE to building a community of raving fans.

CREATING CLIENTS that you love!

I’m talking about the kind of clients you adore so much that you would PAY to work with them! Luckily, they’ll be paying YOU. #chaching

RESISTANCE and how to beat it!

Because every step forward in your business will likely bring up some resistance, so I’ll give you the strategies that empower me to keep moving forward even when resistance strikes!

MINDSET for success!

Because you can’t create success without a solid, unshakeable mindset to start. Well, I’ve devised my very own mindset hacks for those days when your brain feels like it’s working against you. So you can kiss those unproductive moments “goodbye!”

LAUNCH PLANNING that will save your sanity!

If you’re gearing up for a launch, I can give you the how-tos you need to get it all done in a way that feels damn good.

AUTOMATION so you can earn more and work less.

You’ll need solid systems and automation set up before you’ll be ready to handle a huge influx of clients. I can walk you through everything you need to prepare!

BOUNDARIES so you can sustain your energy while helping others! 

Being a good coach doesn’t mean compromising your well-being in the service of your clients. We’ll talk healthy boundaries so you can manage your business like a business and still take care of YOU.

YOUR IDEAL LIFE VISION so you can build your business around that.

This is at the core of all of our work – keeping your ideal life vision in mind. What do you want your days to look like, exactly? The more we can keep your values and vision in mind, the more we’ll ensure you’re creating a business that supports what you truly want.

ADVANCED GUEST POSTING beyond what’s covered in Start Your Coaching Practice®!

These are strategies that helped me grow my list by 300 with a single guest post!

PLUS, BEHIND THE SCENES of my business!

In case you’re curious what my business looks like behind-the-scenes, this is your opportunity to find out!

And so, so, so much more… simply ask and you will receive, lovely lady!

“Now I have a profitable growing business and team. I couldn’t of done this by myself.”

“Working with Kathleen in Own it has been exactly what I needed to take me to the next level. Before Own It I felt alone. I had ideas swirling in my head regarding whom I wanted to serve and how I wanted to do it. Now I have a profitable growing business and team. I couldn’t of done this by myself.

Own It offered me the tools, the space and the permission I needed to believe in myself. Kathleen has phenomenal business knowledge that she shares generously. Whether it is strategic planning or advertising, copy writing or mindset. Kathleen had it covered. Believe in your dream and invest in yourself. Your people are waiting.”

~ Sue Burhoe

“With Kathleen I have learned how to set up my business, structure my business, attract  clients and make money at this thing.”

“I feel like I came out of my first coaching program and I learned about nutrition. And then I came out of my second coaching program and I learned about coaching, but with Kathleen I have learned how to set up my business, structure my business, attract clients and make money at this thing.”

~Dr. Barbara Bolen | Transformational Health Coach

Only 15 Spots Available


Once you click that “apply now” button…

I know it’s calling to you. 😉

• You’ll be redirected to the application to fill out and submit!

• Within 24 hours, you’ll hear from our team about scheduling a call with me  (Kathleen)!

• You and I will have a chat about your goals and what you’re hoping to get out of  OWN IT, so we can decide if you’re a fit for the program.

• If we agree that you’re right for OWN IT, you’ll be invoiced for your first payment of  $1000 as a deposit to hold your space. If you prefer to pay in full upfront, you may  also do so at this time!

• Once you submit your deposit, you’ll be given access to the OWN IT membership  area, and a secret Facebook group.

• On Sunday, August 7th, we’ll have a virtual “kick-off” party where you can meet the  rest of the OWN IT squad and get to know each other!

• The first training will become available on Monday, August 8th, and the program  officially begins!

• You do the work, play with your buddies, grow, learn, book, clients, and create the  business of your dreams!

In other words, you OWN IT!

 Here’s what I know…

You know that you need to build a community of raving fans. You know that you need to create offers that they’ll simply die to buy from you. But all of the details of making that happen, from strategy to mindset to craving your own unique way feels impossible lately.

Mostly, it’s hard because you’re doing it in a vacuum (also see: all alone, by yo-self, with no one to bounce ideas off of, talk to, or whine with — listen, I’m a generally positive person, but everyone needs a little whine sometimes).

And whether you’re starting to rock your business with a small handful of clients already or branching off towards full-time (with the accompanying freak-outs to go with it) – you’ve got one, big problem –

No matter how hard you try, you can’t succeed by yourself. 

Connections, relationships, support are all critical to your success. I know from personal experience – I owe so much of my success to my business friends and comrades! Not to mention, they make everything I do in business WAY more fun!

This program really is for the woman who gives a shit AND wants to make shit happen in her business. It’s for the woman who wants to succeed, while holding the hands of other women who are rising right beside her. If you’re not the type of woman who thrives on both receiving and giving support, then I’ll be honest: OWN IT might not be for you.

That said, if you’re ready to step into one of the most empowering experiences for both your business and your life – made more amazing because you’re helping and sharing it with others just like you – welcome. I can’t wait to read your application.

“Kathleen is the true spark of Own It. The group would not be what it is with out her energy. How much she’s in the group makes a huge difference.”

“Start Your Coaching Practice™ gave me a lot of support when I was first brainstorming with my business on how to start, who do I work with, etc. Own It took it up many levels after that! It has given me a lot of direction, in terms of where to focus and what to work on.

Own It is such a hugely supportive group! The ladies and their participation was amazing, having people at different levels and skills sets was super helpful.

Kathleen is the true spark of Own It. She is so encouraging, supportive, her enthusiasm is off the charts and she makes things a lot of fun. The group would not be what it is with out her energy. How much she’s in the group makes a huge difference. I have been in other Masterminds where the leader is not nearly as present. I know Kathleen will always be there to answer questions.”

~ Amy Hogan | Transformational Life Coach

“I was ready to bring my business to the next level and I knew that it was the right kind of support.”

“I was ready to bring my business to the next level and I had been watching Kathleen for a while and I knew that it was the right kind of support. I knew that Own It was going to be a group of women that were all looking to do the same thing.”

~ Gesa Harmston | Life Transitions Coach

“You could do it by yourself, it’s just going to be so much more painful and so much harder.”

“Anybody who is thinking about participating in Own It just absolutely needs to do it. You could do it by yourself, it’s just going to be so much more painful and so much harder. 

It’s so much better to do it with other people who are behind you and supporting you and that’s exactly what Own It does…it’s just like a big life boat with all of your wonderful friends who are there supporting you, holding you up and keeping space for you to fall and they’ll pick you back up. For me it was a no-brainer. You just absolutely have to do it because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself & for your business.”
~ Angie Jones | The Fitness Moxie, Business Mentor/Strategist

Only 15 Spots Available


Who are these incredible guest experts?!

Well, I’m so glad you asked! These ladies are some of my FAVES in the biz!

You’ll be learning from….

Nicole Jackson

Project Management
Nicole is a project & team manager for entrepreneurs that are struggling with the overwhelm & chaos associated with growing their business. She becomes their right hand gal by managing their launches and building their team of SUPERSTARS.

Meghan Maydel


Meghan Maydel is a brand + biz strategist who helps creative badasses—who’ve decided they’re ready to stop playing small—to get real with their biz, grow a tribe of fans who can’t get enough, and craft a brand + biz that doesn’t suck by implementing killer strategies everywhere they look.

Kamila Gornia

Marketing Systems

Kamila Gornia is a powerhouse digital marketing strategist for modern entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid online doing what they love so they become leaders in their space and blow up the Internet with their message.

Orissa Feeney

Launch Strategy

Orissa is a Business Strategist who works with smart, edgy, warm-hearted business owners develop calmly thriving businesses. Use her approach to choose the simple path with the most impact. She will guide you to a deep understanding of your clients desires, knowing what is working in your industry right now and making profitable decisions.

Laura Wright

With over 18+ years of selling experience and 39+ million in sales, Laura Wright knows that while you MUST sell to BE in business, you don’t have to struggle or feel slimy while you do it. Her mission is to support High Achieving Entrepreneurs to master the art of selling in a way that feels GREAT and creates EPICALLY High close rates.

Joanna Turner


Joanna Turner is a leading Business & Success Coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs, and specializes in busting money & visibility blocks. She is an Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Transformational Life Coach, motivational speaker, author (and former Chartered Accountant!). Nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s award (Entrepreneur category 2016).

Hattie Brazeley

Hattie Brazeley is a copywriter who spends her days writing words that make people money.  As well as creating copy and content for entrepreneurs including Kimra Luna, Sue B. Zimmerman and James Wedmore, she is also the creator of the much anticipated course Galvanize Live.

Katie Fitzpatrick

Human Design

With playful humor, break-through insights and practical strategies, Katie helps ambitious women in business connect with their unique divine design and tap into their personal practical magic. Katie has spent the last decade developing her expertise and skillset in the Human Design system, mindset work, group dynamics and creativity.


What days/times are the calls?

Mastermind calls are held twice each week, but the days and times aren’t set until we start! Why? We want to be flexible with all of our participants living in different time zones around the globe. Each participant will be allowed to vote on their day and time of choice, then call times will be assigned to be as fair and accommodating as possible. We want to make sure the groups are large enough to have a great discussion but not so large that people don’t have a chance to speak!

What if I can’t make the calls live?

Not to worry at all! All of the calls will be recorded and posted in the members area within 24 hours of their scheduled time!

Is Own It Mastermind only for coaches?

Nope, Own It is not exclusively for coaches and consultants! You will benefit most from Own It if you are (or are starting) a service based business with a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many model. Trainers, strategists, designers, copywriters, photographers, helpers, healers, coaches, consultants, mentors, thought leaders, teachers and more are all going to get a crazy amount of value and growth from this mastermind.

It’s your time. Let’s Mastermind.