You know you are.
You’re trained.
You’re passionate.

You’re ready to quit that day job and change the frickin’ world.

But getting those clients... is a WHOLE other story.
Because right now your coaching practice looks more like “practice” than the real deal.

Sound familiar?

You feel intimidated by the competition and don’t know how to make yourself stand out, and if you’re being honest…
you’re not sure that you can.

You know you need clients to have a “real practice” but you’re at a total loss with where to find them! You kinda wish someone would just hand you the answers.

You’re trying to make your own website (trying being the operative word), but let’s be honest: it’s ugly, and you’re embarrassed to show it to anyone.

You are ready to take on clients that actually pay you, but asking for money and knowing how much to charge is making your pretty head spin!

It’s overwhelming, confusing, disappointing, and frustrating.

You see other coaches out there KILLING it with their branding and social media following, selling out programs left and right, and you’re like...

Newflash: You can have it!
All it takes is STARTING.

Well, not just starting, but starting the “better way.”

See, there is a method to the madness that actually works, and it’s not some secret formula that’s been harvested on the peak of Mount Everest.

It’s way more accessible than that.

That’s it!

Because when you actually start your coaching practice that way, here’s what happens…

  • You have a waiting list of clients who are dying to work with you, not anyone - YOU - because you’ve established yourself as the expert they can trust
  • You’re SO confident talking about what you do that the selling happens naturally because your enthusiasm says everything
  • You have a full enough roster to finally quit your dayjob, confident that you’re headed for greater success than you’ve ever experienced before!
  • You’re clear on your next move at all times, because you know your business inside and out and most importantly: you know who you are as a coach
  • You randomly receive emails full of love and gratitude because guess what? You’re actually leaving an impact and changing people’s lives just by doing what you do best.

^^ This could be your new reality.

Did I mention you’ll also be making enough money to live the life of your dreams?


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Open your arms (and eyes and ears!) to
Start Your Coaching Practice
the step-by-step, self-study program that will help you build a coaching practice that actually pay your bills, in just 7 weeks.

Warning: If you’re looking for a program that’s going blow smoke up your tush with B.S. dreams and tons of mindset shifts and NOT give you any actionable or practical advice, you’re in the wrong place.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for straight up, honest, put-the-pedal-to-the-metal and get-it-done guidance that is going to WORK, you’re in the right place.

No fluff, step-by-step instruction is ALL I DO.
You might be wondering who “I” am... Well, I’ll tell you!

And let me tell you: I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Feeling passionate about my coaching work but unsure of how to package it up and turn it into a real business; struggling to get and keep clients. I get it. You want to help people, yet you’re missing some key pieces that a thriving coaching practice NEEDS.

Maybe you’re scared, or overwhelmed, or lacking clarity on what they hell you should be doing, and the overabundance of “advice” out there is making it worse!

I’m here to make it easy. I’m here to help you skip over the B.S. advice (I tried it all myself!) and
hone in on what actually works.

See, I spent the better part of a year running down dead ends, trying to figure out how to create success as a coach. I started modeling what everyone else was doing: didn’t work. I tried choosing a niche that I thought would be profitable but wasn’t what I really loved: didn’t work. I tried to set myself apart by using techniques that didn’t feel true to me: didn’t work.

I spent a lot of time tweaking the parts of my business that I thought were holding me back instead of focusing on the actions that would make the most impact on my success. Well, I learned my lessons. *wink*

Now, I’m here to help you STOP wasting time and START making money.

Because once I got serious and starting doing things “the better way,” my business took off and my profits skyrocketed. We’re talking I started making 6 figures within 6 months. Now, I’m not sharing this to be intimidating or to sound like a braggy jerk-face. I just want you to fully understand the power of taking high impact action.

When you stop frittering your time away on busy work, worrying, or making teeny tiny changes, and instead start taking big, bold, confident action, success will follow.

I’m literally living proof!

Enroll Now For Just $497

* * Enrollment closes November 6th! * *

In Start Your Coaching Practice™ I am going to teach you the exact steps I took to create a 6 figure coaching business in just 6 months.

You want a blueprint for your coaching success, and I’m here to give it to you.

Here’s what that blueprint looks like:


    You want paying clients, so you’re on the hunt for where to find them. But if you aren’t 100% crystal clear on who they are, how could you possibly track them down?

    That’s like plugging “any address” into a GPS and hoping you end up in the right place! Success with coaching means being specific.

    We’re going to narrow your focus and nail down exactly who you serve and how, then we’ll strategize where to find her!


    You want to build a community of fans and followers, but if you’re not guest posting, making appearances, staying active in Facebook groups, and doing inventive marketing campaigns – how will your potential clients find YOU?

    Building a thriving coaching practice is not the time to be shy. Instead, let’s determine which visibility strategy is right for you and commit to it.

    I’ll walk you through how to create your own Facebook group, guest post, run a free challenge, build your list and give an effective webinar presentation


    Facebook ads are an incredibly effective avenue for reaching more potential clients, so I’m going to teach you everything I know about them!

    Knowing this, you’ll be armed to invest your ad dollars intelligently, so you don’t waste tons of money on bad campaigns!

    Get ready to take Facebook by storm.


    If the idea of having discovery calls is still terrifying to you, you definitely need this module!

    I’ll teach you how to run these calls so that expectations are clear, and you are delivering tons of value.

    That’s how you book discovery calls successfully, so you’ll never get tongue tied over a discovery call again. You are going to learn everything from mindset to scheduling to overcoming common objections!


    Once you’re clear on who you help and how you help them, the next step is putting your services together into a package that’s easy for your client to say “yes” to.

    I’ll take you through my step-by-step packaging process that’s designed to create not just a valuable product, but a highly marketable one. (Oh hey, profit!)

    Pricing can be stressful and highly tied up in our concepts of “self-value.”

    I’m going to take all of the anxiety out of the equation with my simple two-step process for pricing anything. This week, you’ll pick a price for your signature package that feels damn good!


    You’re going to need a standard process whenever you sign on a new client, and that’s what we’ll cover here.

    From payment methods to agreements to standards of communication, I’m thrilled to share my personal system with you.

    Together, we’ll make sure your clients feel confident and cared for, the entire time they’re working with you!


    Listen, you’re not just taking phone calls and filling hours. As a coach, you’re going to have many different balls in the air at any one time. PLUS, you’re constantly dealing with people’s energy.

    It can be draining if you don’t manage your boundaries and schedule appropriately. Here, I will share all of my tips and tricks for making sure you stay energized and at the top of your game as a successful coach!

Start Your Coaching Practice™ Includes:

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Starting Your Coaching Practice! This course is literally your blueprint to help you go from point A (no clients) to point B (thriving practice). ($299 value)

The 7 CORE SYCP Modules that will teach you every skill, walk you through each step in detail, and push you to take the high impact action you need to take to start booking clients! ($999 value)

24/7/365 Access to Start Your Coaching Practice - YES! Once you’re in, it’s yours for life AND you can start with any module you like. ($199 value)

Enroll Now For Just $497

* * Enrollment closes November 6th! * *

PLUS all of these BONUSES:


You know you want to work with clients exclusively, but do you know how to manage
that “private coaching” relationship?

I’ll teach you how to handle private clients in a way that ensures continued success, and how to get the testimonials you need once the relationship is over.


My best kept secrets will no longer be secrets once you’re in SYCP! In this module, I share all of my favorite tools to make running my business super easy and sometimes even automated!

You’ll save time, energy and many, many headaches with these coaching practice must-haves.

Invitation to Our Private SYCP Facebook Community where you can share what you’re going through with a crew of other incredible lady coaches who totally get it! (Priceless, of course!)

AND interviews with all of these incredible experts! ($999 value)

JULIE SHAVALIER - attorney at law

This Brooklyn-based small business attorney is here to share her best tips and tricks to help you protect yourself legally. After leaving the stressful world of corporate law, Julie discovered a community of health & wellness businesses who needed her help! She then began offering her services to small internet-based businesses and is excited to share her expertise with you!

MEGHAN MAYDEL - branding strategist

Meghan is a true creative’s creative. She broke out of the corporate lifestyle to offer her kick-ass branding services to creative entrepreneurs who want to do their own thing, their own way! She’s joining us to help you build a memorable brand that will attract clients you love.

HATTIE BRAZELEY - copywriter

In order to sell your services, you’ll need to explain them in a marketable way. That’s where copywriting comes in! Hattie is going to walk you through the basics so you can create web and email copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients in language they’ll understand (and adore!).

NICOLE JACKSON - project manager

Nicole is your go-to gal for any and all projects, large or small. She’ll help you prioritize, assemble a team of assistants, and create a schedule and calendar for getting it done. Luckily, you’ll get her expert advice for FREE in SYCP with this guest interview!

CHRISTINE BLUBAUGH - the entrepreneur’s health coach

How can you take care of your business while taking care of yourself? Just ask Christine Blubaugh. Starting and running your own coaching practice can take a toll on you, but luckily we have her expertise on hand to make sure you don’t run yourself into the ground while running campaigns, programs, (or even a marathon).

Enroll Now For Just $497

* * Enrollment closes November 6th! * *

The total value of Start Your Coaching Practice™ is $3494

Your investment is just $497, or just 3 payments of $197.

Join Start Your Coaching Practice™, and you will walk away with a plan for what to do to finally start getting paid clients.

So say “goodbye” to the confusion, noise, and overwhelm and “hello” to an action plan and community of other women coaches who get it and are here to cheer you on!

Here's how this whole thing works:

  • You click that pretty “buy now” button above and you’ll be directed to a shopping cart page. (Woohoo!)
  • You choose the payment plan of your choice, to pay in full or in 3 installments of $197. (Because options!)
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  • On November 1st, you’ll get another email with your unique login information. (Yippee!)
  • You’ll log into the course site and have immediate access to every module AND a link to the private Facebook group! (Holla!)
  • You’ll work your way through each module at the order and pace you prefer, then start booking those clients! (Finally!)

To your success,

p.s. You want to do something that actually matters. I know you do, and that’s why you got into coaching in the first place. I get it. That’s why I’m SO hard pressed to make sure that you DO IT, and do it at a level of success that keeps you from second guessing your choice to become a coach. The world needs what you have to offer. You just have to get out of your own way and make it happen. Start Your Coaching Practice ® is designed to make that easy for you. I want you to actually make money and book tons of clients that you truly love working with. So let’s make it happen! It’s time to stop tweaking your website and sending newsletters to your tiny list (I know your mom enjoys your newsletters, but she’s not a paying client!). It’s time to take BIG action that will have an even BIGGER impact. Let’s do this!









  • q-iconWhat is your refund policy?

    In short: I don’t do them! Why? Because this course is incredible. I strongly advise that if you’re thinking about purchasing, you make sure that you feel 100% ready to do the work! See, I know that if you take the course seriously and do the work (while having fun with it, of course!), you will start booking clients, and quickly! BUT, you must be enthusiastic and ready to commit. I’m super invested in your success, but only if you are as well! Let’s do this!

  • q-iconDo you offer payment plans?

    Yes! I want this program to be accessible to everyone, so I do offer a payment plan option. If you’re ready to pay in full, you can. If not, you can make three payments of $197, every 30 days instead! When you select “buy now,” you’ll be given the option to choose your preferred payment plan.

  • q-iconWhat if I buy the course and don’t like the content?

    Impossible! Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds for this course because I am so confident that if you do the work, you’ll see results. That being said, if you have questions about SYCP before committing, you may shoot me an email at and I will get back to you in a jiffy! I don’t believe in unhappy clients or customers, so I aim to make sure that everyone who signs up for SYCP is 100% right for it. Let’s make sure you are!

  • q-iconIs this course only for coaches?

    No, actually! This course will be extremely useful whether you are a coach, healer, personal trainer, doula, consultant or any other service provider that works in a private or group setting with clients. If you have any questions about this being perfect for you and your business just send us a quick note at!